Merav Galili, PhD

Dr. Merav Galili is CEO at Menomadin Foundation, an Israeli-based international social impact fund, aiming to achieve social, economic and environmental inclusive development, as outlined by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Foundation supports and operates dozens of initiatives in Israel, Africa and Europe, integrating three channels of operation: Strategic Philanthropy, Impact Investments in Round A impact start-ups and innovative impactful financial POCs, and Cross-Sector Partnerships, aiming to achieve globally scalable, holistic, value-chain solutions.

Dr. Galili arrived at Menomadin Foundation following two decades in senior management positions in academia and NGOs. Armed with a data-driven academic mindset, she is leading the foundation to create sustainable, scalable global impact through a structured impact management methodology, in a measurable and quantifiable way.

Previously, Dr. Galili served a decade long term at Bar-Ilan University. In her capacity as Head of the university’s Global Resource Development Operations department, she was responsible, among other things, for developing and implementing the multi-year strategic plan of philanthropic activities in all eight Faculties, managing the fundraising around the world, defining the university’s development goals, their implementation, and the global fundraising campaign. She completed her term in the university as Vice-President of Development.

Dr. Merav Galili holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She completed her doctoral dissertation on “Motivation in Competitive Settings and Self-Discovery Goals” with Summa cum Laude, during which she was awarded the prestigious Ford Scholarship from the Israel Institute for Research and a Doctoral Scholarship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.