At KMAI Capital, we are driven by a singular vision: a world where groundbreaking technologies combat the pressing climate challenges.

In a world facing escalating environmental concerns, our primary focus is to identify, nurture, and commercialize breakthrough innovations in the climate sector. While we cast a wide net in exploring possibilities, our main dedication lies in these critical areas.


Renewable Energy


Storage, transfer, and distribution of energy


Green hydrogen


Waste management


Green Construction and Efficient Industrial Production




Water Desalination and Water Quality


Food Security and Alternative Proteins


Carbon Tech

We are dedicated to investing in transformative technologies emerging from the Israeli academy, nurturing them into thriving companies ready to make a global impact. We believe that the Israeli academy is  a blue ocean opportunity in terms of innovation, with tremendous potential for dozens of technologies that sometimes have difficulty crossing the academic threshold into the commercial market. We scout, ideate, and transition technologies from research to market readiness. We don't stop at funding; we offer comprehensive support, helping to shape products, build dynamic teams, and leverage partnerships with industry leaders.

Simultaneously, we actively seek out existing companies with ambitious entrepreneurs looking to drive innovation and growth. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship, investment, and academia, we bring valuable funding and strategic guidance to the ventures we support.
Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have walked the entrepreneurial path, led investments in venture capital and private equity, and contributed to the academic landscape.
One key aspect that sets KMAI Capital apart is our partnership with the Mitrelli Group, an international conglomerate with diverse business operations spanning energy, agriculture, water, health, technology, construction and more. This partnership provides us with a unique edge in expediting the journey of the technologies and companies we invest in.

Benefits include:
Market Validation: Mitrelli Group provides access to potential global customers, validating technologies and solutions early in the development process.
Resource Utilization: Leveraging Mitrelli Group's existing resources and infrastructure accelerates product development and capability testing.
Industry Connectivity: We tap into Mitrelli Group's extensive network and connect with customers in various fields, facilitating entry into diverse markets.
Gateway to Africa: The partnership opens doors to the vast African market, offering unparalleled growth opportunities for our investments.
The synergy between our investments and industry connections is the key to the quality and rapid success of our startup companies.
Strategic Advantage - Mitrelli group image
At KMAI Capital, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's the bedrock of to our investment philosophy.
We understand that environmental responsibility is integral to fostering a thriving business ecosystem. Embracing an ESG-based approach, we are committed to creating not only profitable enterprises but also a better, more sustainable future for all.
Join us in driving innovation and sustainability hand in hand, as we work together to combat the climate crisis.

KMAI Capital ESG Policy

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