At KMAI Foundation, we envision a world where groundbreaking technologies are harnessed to address the pressing challenges of our time, especially in the realm of climate change.

KMAI Foundation is dedicated to identifying groundbreaking research within Israeli academia that addresses the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have navigated the entrepreneurial landscape, led investments in venture capital and private equity, and contributed significantly to the academic sphere.

Sustainability is at the core of our philanthropic philosophy. We are dedicated to a comprehensive ESG policy crafted in collaboration with experts in the field. Our partners receive insightful annual ESG reports, promoting sustainable and responsible practices.

Guided by a proficient ideation team spanning technological and business domains relevant to our sector, we thoughtfully select studies with the highest potential for practical application and market commercialization. Our unique approach aims to provide both a tangible response to the climate crisis and sustainable funding for academia.

Rather than supporting short-term research, our funding ensures continuity in laboratory activities, the establishment of new research facilities, funding for doctoral and master's students, and fosters researchers' motivation to explore significant and innovative research areas.

Our goal today is to fund 40 studies and researchers across various universities in Israel in the next 3 years, with each research receiving a grant ranging between 100 and 300 thousand dollars. Our goal is to complete the Proof of Concept (POC) phase, advance research processes, and fund laboratory hours. This thorough process includes attentive supervision by our experienced team, aligning projects with market and industry needs and demands.

Technologies that successfully navigate this phase have two potential paths: they can either be exposed to investment funds or become candidates for the acceleration and commercialization program within KMAI business fund. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive and strategic strategy for innovation.

Join us in our quest to solve pressing climate issues by unlocking the potential of academic discoveries. Together, we'll shape a brighter, more innovative, and sustainable future, transforming these ventures into global game-changers.

Renewable Energy


Storage, transfer, and distribution of energy


Green hydrogen


Waste management


Green Construction and Efficient Industrial Production




Water Desalination and Water Quality


Food Security and Alternative Proteins


Carbon Tech

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