Haim Taib
Founding Member

A visionary Israeli entrepreneur and philanthropist, Haim Taib is the founder and president of the globally active Mitrelli Group, Menomadin Foundation, and the Israel-Africa Institute. With over three decades of experience leading extensive infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan nations, Taib is an expert in strengthening and developing countries in Africa.

Haim is driven to make a positive impact in the world by seamlessly integrating socially beneficial initiatives into his thriving business ventures and fostering international cooperation for the betterment of African countries and their residents.

The Mitrelli Group, establishment by Taib in 2010, is an international consortium comprising specialized companies, dedicated to promoting large-scale turnkey solutions in Africa across diverse sectors, including food security, clean water and energy, urbanization, education and employability, healthcare, and digital transformation.

In 2019, Taib founded the international impact fund Menomadin Foundation, which harnesses the experience, resources, and capabilities accumulated over his 30 years of work in Africa to lead a charge in generating social, environmental, and economic impact in both Israel and Africa.

Haim Taib founded the Israel-Africa Institute, a non-profit with a mission to advance diplomatic, economic, and technological bridges between the State of Israel and African nations, to unlock the substantial untapped potential he has identified.

Throughout his many endeavors, Haim Taib is highly committed to making the world a better place for future generations.