Noam Shai Halperin
Associate & Head of Ideation

Noam is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in transforming ideas into thriving organizations. As an Associate and Head of Ideation at our venture capital fund, Noam brings a wealth of experience and leadership to our team.

With a distinguished military career spanning 7 years, Noam served as a Captain, specializing in various command positions. She played a pivotal role in establishing and managing an organization dedicated to training commanders for high-quality and multicultural command within the IDF. In her final military position, she served as the Head of the Military Secretary's Office for the president, during President Rivlin's tenure, where she managed the social-security interface.

Noam's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to social impact are evident in her founding and management of the national organization "Mitchashvim." This non-profit organization focuses on upgrading and distributing tens of thousands of computers to families in need under a sustainable economic model. Noam has cultivated dozens of strategic partnerships and oversees the nationwide operation, showcasing her ability to drive meaningful change on a broad scale.

Noam has a first degree in law from Tel Aviv University.