Prof. Noam Shomron
Cell and Developmental Biology, Medicine-Sackler Faculty

Noam has received his Bachelors degree in Biotechnology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia; his Masters degree in Gene Therapy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and his graduate studies in Genetics at Tel Aviv University where he worked on regulatory RNA systems. 

As a Post-Doctorate affiliate at MIT in Cambridge, USA, Noam gained expertise in combining high-throughout data with computational analysis in order to decipher gene regulation in health and disease. 

Today Noam heads the Functional Genomics Laboratory at Tel Aviv University’s Medical School, as well as heading the Rare Genomics Institute - Israel, and the Djerassi Institute of Oncology. Noam’s team combines Bioinformatics, AI, and biology in order to explore the regulation of gene expression for the global-systems' view of cellular mechanisms in health and disease.